How to Apply to Become A Certified Solution Provider

Solution Provider

By certifying an organization as a GoldSim Solution Provider, GoldSim Technology Group (GTG) is providing some level of assurance to prospective customers that the organization is qualified to provide quality GoldSim consulting support. Therefore, to become a Certified GoldSim Solution Provider, the applicants must demonstrate to GTG an appropriate level of GoldSim expertise, the ability to provide high-quality GoldSim consulting, active participation in the GoldSim community, and familiarity with the latest version of GoldSim (in particular, at least 50% of their registered GoldSim licenses must have an active Subscription).


There is no cost to become a Certified GoldSim Solution Provider. However, applicants must put together a short document with the following information:

  • A single individual (an active GoldSim user) who will be designated as the primary contact for the organization regarding the certification.
  • A list of the GoldSim users within the organization, along with the number of years of experience for each. If this number is greater than 10, simply provide the ten most experienced.
  • In the list above, identify those users considered internally to be the “GoldSim experts” for the organization. These are the individuals who provide review and are tasked with assuring the quality of GoldSim applications in the organization.  For these GoldSim experts, please also provide a short biographical paragraph, and an estimate of the number of GoldSim projects they have been involved with.
  • A brief description of the process (e.g., reviews, etc.) that the organization employs to assure the quality of GoldSim models.
  • A list and brief (one paragraph) description of the major GoldSim applications carried out by the organization over the past year (these need not name specific clients and will remain confidential).
  • One of the following:
    • A one-page case study of one of the organization’s applications from the past year. This case study should be written in a way (e.g., protecting confidentiality) such that it can be posted to our website (or featured in a newsletter or LinkedIn article).
    • A model that we can add to our Model Library.
    • A quote from an individual in the organization describing their use of GoldSim that we can post to our website.
  • This information should be sent to

Note also that at least 50% of the GoldSim licenses in the organization must have an active maintenance at the time of certification.


If the organization is approved, we will:

  • Grant it permission to display the Certified GoldSim Solution Provider logo on its website.
  • Add the organization to the list of Certified GoldSim Solution Providers, along with a short description of the organization to the GoldSim website. In return, we ask that you post a link back to our website.
  • Provide the following additional benefits:
    • Opportunities to publish case studies on the GoldSim website.
    • Opportunities for your organization to be featured by us in the GoldSim LinkedIn user group and/or a Newsletter article.
    • Opportunities to be a guest speaker for our monthly webinar series.
    • Access to GoldSim beta releases.
    • Priority technical support.
    • Opportunity for expert GoldSim users in the organization to apply for the Certified GoldSim Training Provider credential.

Annual Certification Renewal

Certification (and any benefits accruing to certification) has a one year duration. Once per year, the organization must become re-certified. On the anniversary date, the organization will be contacted, and asked to provide the following information:

  • An updated estimate of the number of active GoldSim users in the organization, and a list of the "expert" users. 

  • A list and brief (one paragraph) description of the major GoldSim applications carried out by the organization over the past year (these need not name specific clients and will remain confidential).
  • The organization must also:
    • Continue to maintain a link to the GoldSim website from the organization's website.
    • Continue to have at least 50% of the registered GoldSim licenses in the organization with active maintenance at the time of recertification.