2024 GoldSim User Conference

We typically hold user conferences every several years. Due to Covid-19, however, the last GoldSim User Conference was in September 2018.  The next User Conference will be held in Seattle in September 2024 (celebrating the 20th anniversary of GoldSim Technology Group).

GoldSim user conferences provide great learning and networking opportunities for both expert and novice users.

Why Attend?

  • Network with and learn from other GoldSim users from industry, government and consulting.
  • Attend special training sessions to learn advanced modeling techniques from GoldSim experts.
  • A Basic Training course is usually offered just previous to the conference for novice users.
  • Attend and participate in panel discussions and poster sessions focusing on interesting GoldSim applications and topics.
  • GoldSim conferences are fun. To facilitate networking opportunities, we always host several fun social events.

Please take this survey to help us plan the conference.

To get an idea of what a GoldSim User Conference is like, you can read about the 2018 User Conference here.