Frequently Asked Questions



Below we provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding simulation and GoldSim. Browsing through this list is an excellent way to quickly find answers to your questions. Each FAQ has a short answer, and in many cases, provides links to further information on the website.


The FAQs are divided into the following categories:

  • Simulation and GoldSim: Basic questions about simulation in general, as well as basic questions about GoldSim in particular, such as how it differs from other approaches, what platforms it runs on, what applications it can be used for, and who our customers are.
  • Basic GoldSim Features and Capabilities: Questions about the basic features and capabilities of GoldSim.
  • Getting Started and Technical Support: Questions regarding how to get started with GoldSim, as well as our technical support and training programs.
  • GoldSim User Community: Questions regarding the resources available to the GoldSim User Community, including user conferences, the model library, and the knowledge base.
  • Academic and Research Licenses: Questions regarding our Academic and Research License program.
  • Purchasing GoldSim: Questions associated with purchasing GoldSim, as well as legal questions, such as our privacy policy and refund policy.


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