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Frequently Asked Questions about the resources available to the GoldSim User Community



If you have further questions please contact us via the GoldSim Help Center.


Who uses GoldSim?

GoldSim is used by a wide range of government, commercial and academic organizations in nearly 40 countries worldwide. Over half of our customers are outside of North America. Our users include large government organizations (e.g., US Department of Energy, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, NASA), manufacturing companies (e.g., Caterpillar), mining companies (e.g., Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton), consulting firms (e.g., URS, MWH, Bechtel) and research institutions (e.g., Sandia National Laboratories, CSIRO in Australia).
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How can I communicate with other users?

The GoldSim Forum is the best way to communicate with othe users. Other mechanisms include the following: The GoldSim User's Group on LinkedIn allows you to post comments to that group; 2) The GoldSim Blog allows you to post comments and questions related to articles posted by GoldSim staff; and 3) The GoldSim Model Library serves as an excellent mechanism for sharing models and ideas with other users. Finally, user conferences provide a great opportunity to meet other users.

What is the GoldSim Library?

The GoldSim Library provides a powerful mechanism for users to share their knowledge. The Library contains a Model Library and an Image Library. Although GoldSim staff regularly add content, all users are encouraged to contribute to this resource.
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Do you have a knowledge base?

The GoldSim Help Center provides links to a large set of resources such as articles, example models and help documentation.

Do you have a model library?

The GoldSim Library contains a model library with a number of models illustrating how GoldSim can be used for particular applications. In addition, when you install GoldSim, several folders containing example models are installed in the same directory as the program. (You can quickly access these files by selecting File|Open Example… from the main GoldSim menu). This directory contains example model files showing how to use each of the elements. These example model files are an excellent way to begin to experiment with GoldSim. The Model Library contains more complex models shared by GoldSim staff and other users. All users are encouraged to contribute models to the Library.

Do you have user conferences?

We typically have a User Conference approximately every 2 years. The primary objective of our conferences is to provide a forum for users to share experiences with other users and the GoldSim developers, and to provide input for the future development of GoldSim.


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