Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions about how to get started with GoldSim, as well as our technical support and training programs


If you have further questions please visit our GoldSim Help Center.


How long will it take me to learn to use GoldSim?

This depends on your background. If you are comfortable with building quantitative models in spreadsheets or other programs, or you have some programming background, you should be able to pick up GoldSim relatively quickly. However, because GoldSim is a complex and powerful tool, even in this case, it will likely take you a day or two to know enough to build basic models and several weeks or more to build complex models. If you do not have a quantitative background, learning to use GoldSim (or any simulation tool) will take longer. In this case, it is strongly recommend that you take part in a training workshop.

What is the best way to get started with GoldSim?

GoldSim comes with a tutorial that walks you through GoldSim's basic features. The tutorial is available from the splash screen when you first open GoldSim, and can also be accessed from the Help menu. After taking the Tutorial (which takes about 2 hours), you will have sufficient understanding to start using the software. When you purchase GoldSim, you are entitled to a free one hour, live web-based training session in which one of our analysts provides an interactive training session via the Internet and telephone. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free training after taking the tutorial. Finally, if you are willing to put in the time (16 to 32 hours), the best way to learn GoldSim is to take the free, self-paced online course.

What kind of documentation is available for GoldSim?

GoldSim has an extensive set of user documentation in the form of user manuals and a Help system. The user manuals are installed with the software and are available as PDF documents after you install GoldSim (in the Start menu under All Programs|GoldSim version|User's Guides). A printed set of user manuals is sent to you when you purchase GoldSim Pro. GoldSim also includes a context-sensitive Help system that includes all of the information contained in the user manuals, with the exception of the technical appendices.

Do you have any example models I can learn from?

When you install GoldSim, a a number of folders containing example models are installed in the same directory as the program. (You can quickly access these files by selecting File|Open Example… from the main GoldSim menu). This provides access to example model files showing how to use each of the elements (the examples are referenced in the Help system and User’s Guide where the element is introduced). These example model files are an excellent way to begin to experiment with GoldSim. While exploring the files, use GoldSim’s context-sensitive Help (i.e., the Help button in each dialog) to access a detailed discussion of the element.). In addition, the GoldSim Library contains a model library with a number of models illustrating how GoldSim can be used for particular applications. These models tend to be more complex than the simple example files found in the Examples folders, but still relatively simple.

Do you offer training workshops?

We hold at least one open training session per year (in conjunction with our annual user's conference). However, the overwhelming majority of our training is in the form of customized three or four day on-site training workshops. We can come to a location of your choosing and deliver a training workshop customized for the needs of your users. With multiple attendees, an on-site custom course is likely to save you time and money, and the content will be customized for your users. Note that when you first purchase GoldSim, you have a one-time opportunity to purchase a Quick Start Package. The Quick Start Package provides training at a significantly discounted rate.
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Are there any online training opportunities?

A free, self-paced online training course is available to allow you to quickly become familiar with GoldSim. In addition, when you purchase GoldSim, you are entitled to a free one hour, live web-based training session in which one of our analysts provides an interactive training session via the Internet and telephone. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free training. We can also provide more extensive web-based training as part of an advanced technical support contract.

What type of technical support is available for GoldSim?

We provide free basic email and phone support to all users with current GoldSim Maintenance. Evaluation users are also welcome to contact us with basic support questions. Basic support consists of installation and registration questions, as well as basic questions about GoldSim features. Advanced technical support is available for a fee to covers requests such as questions about modeling a particular problem, problems with a model, troubleshooting, debugging and testing models, and web-based training programs.
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What is the GoldSim Maintenance Program?

When you purchase GoldSim, you are entitled to one year of GoldSim Maintenance, which provides the following: 1) Free software upgrades so that you always have the latest version of GoldSim; and 2) basic technical support via the GoldSim Help Center and phone. After the first year, your GoldSim Maintenance can be extended with payment of an annual membership fee.
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Do you provide consulting services?

We do provide consulting services, but generally tend to avoid long-term consulting engagements. Our consulting efforts tend to focus on providing training, assistance in the early portions of projects to help get you started, and technical review efforts and model debugging. If you have long-term consulting needs, we can recommend one of our consulting partners (see below).
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Can you recommend any consultants who can help me with my model?

Our objective is to provide our customers with complete end-to-end solutions to address their simulation needs. Our strategy is to keep the GoldSim Technology Group focused on building great simulation software and supporting the technical aspects of building effective GoldSim models. To provide other dimensions of complete solutions, we maintain close relationships with partners, in particular, consulting firms with industry specific expertise.
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How do I determine what version I have?

From the main menu, choose Help|About GoldSim. The version number is also displayed in the splash screen when you open GoldSim.

I think I found a bug. What do I do?

Please let us know. You can do so by going to the GoldSim Help Center and submit a support request.

How can I suggest an enhancement or new feature?

In order to continue to improve GoldSim and meet our user's needs, we love to hear suggestions for enhancements or new features. You can make a suggestion by going to the GoldSim Help Center and submitting a support request.

How do I contact Technical Support?

Contact technical support by going to the GoldSim Help Center and submitting a support request.