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"I am familiar with simulation and would like to learn more about GoldSim."

Globe and KeyboardThe links below are intended to help visitors who are familiar with basic simulation concepts, and are interested in learning more about GoldSim.

  • How is GoldSim different from other simulation tools? Because simulation is such a powerful tool, a wide variety of simulation programs are available. This page provides a brief overview and comparison of the various categories of programs, and explains where GoldSim fits in.
  • The GoldSim Quick Tour. This provides a brief description of basic GoldSim concepts, along with an overview of key features and capabilities. You can step through the Tour manually, and it takes about 10 or 15 minutes to walk through the entire demonstration.
  • GoldSim Versions and Extension Modules. GoldSim is built using a modular framework that allows each user to customize their GoldSim package to provide exactly the functionality they need. In addition to providing Professional, Research and Academic versions of the basic GoldSim framework, various modules are available that provide specialized features or functionality for particular applications. This page provides a quick summary of the various GoldSim versions and currently available modules.
  • Download the GoldSim Evaluation Version. The best way to learn about GoldSim is to download an evaluation version. The Evaluation Version is fully functional, and expires 30 days after you first use it. While requesting an evaluation version, you can also request a live demo from a GoldSim expert.
  • What kinds of applications can GoldSim be used for? This page provides a number of short descriptions of GoldSim applications to give you an idea of the kinds of problems it can be used to solve.
  • White papers and case studies. This page provides links to a number of easy-to-read white papers and short case studies describing how GoldSim can be used for a variety of applications.
  • GoldSim technical papers. This page provides links to a number of technical papers that describe GoldSim applications in detail.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about GoldSim's features and capabilities.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about GoldSim's Academic and Research licenses.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing GoldSim.
  • About the GoldSim Technology Group. This page provides background information on our company.
  • Who uses GoldSim? GoldSim models are typically built by engineers, business modelers, scientists and other quantitative analysts. The ultimate audience for the models, however, is typically decision-makers (e.g., managers, regulators and other stakeholders). GoldSim is used by a wide range of government, commercial and academic organizations in over 30 coutries. This page provides a partial list of our customers.


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