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Modeling Discrete Events

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GoldSim provides powerful capabilities for superimposing the occurrence and effects of discontinuities and discrete events onto continuously varying systems. This allows for the realistic simulation of discrete events such as financial transactions, accidents, system failures, storms, labor strikes, and lawsuits. Events such as these can have important effects on the performance of many systems, and it is therefore important to represent them in a realistic manner.

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GoldSim provides a variety of specialized elements for simulating the occurrence and consequences of discrete events. Events can be generated regularly ("occur exactly once a year on January 1"), randomly ("occur, on average, once a year"), or based on a certain set of conditions (“when A is greater than B and the value of C has changed”). An event can trigger one or more consequences, such as changing the status of something in the model (“this task is now complete”), achieving a specified milestone, or making a discrete change to some quantity in your model (“add $1000 to the account”).



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