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Carrying Out Sensitivity Analyses

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GoldSim provides the ability to carry out a special type of run to facilitate sensitivity analyses. For this type of run, you specify the result you are interested in, and one or more variables that you want to analyze (which must be Stochastic or Data elements).

GoldSim then runs the model multiple times, systematically sampling each variable over a specified range, while holding all of the other variables constant. This then allows GoldSim to produce sensitivity plots (i.e., a tornado chart and X-Y function charts) to assist you in graphically identifying the variables in your model to which the result is most sensitive.

GoldSim Tornado Chart

GoldSim also provides a second type of sensitivity analysis in which statistical sensitivity measures are computed by analyzing the results of multiple realizations of the model where all of the Stochastic variables are simultaneously sampled each realization.



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