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The various objects with which a GoldSim model is constructed are referred to as elements. Each element represents a building block of the model, and has a particular symbol or graphical image (which you can customize) by which it is represented on the screen. Typically, each element has a unique name by which it is referenced (e.g., X, Revenue, Rainfall, Discount_Rate), accepts input data, and in turn produces output data.

GoldSim provides a wide variety of built-in elements. Some of these elements, called Input Elements, provide a mechanism for the user to enter inputs into the model. There are five types of Input Elements, but the most commonly used Input elements are Data, Time Series and Stochastics.

Data elements allow you to specify a single scalar value (e.g., the discount rate) or an array of related values (e.g., the salaries of each individual in a group). Time Series elements allow you to specify a time series of a value (e.g., monthly rainfall rates, quarterly cashflows). Stochastic elements allow you to specify that a particular input is uncertain by defining it as a probability distribution.

Input Elements

As will be discussed later, you can link these objects to spreadsheets and databases in order to import data.


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