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Presentation Capabilities

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A model that cannot be easily explained is a model that will not be believed or used. As a result, GoldSim was specifically designed to allow you to effectively document, explain and present your model.

GoldSim allows you to add text, images and other graphic objects directly to your model. You can also replace any of the default images for the elements with your own images. In addition, you can add hyperlinks from GoldSim to other documents (e.g., a web site or a report). Clicking on the hyperlink then opens that document.

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In addition to adding graphics, text and hyperlinks, you can also attach a note to each element in your model. The notes (which are stored as part of the model file) can include hyperlinks to other documents.

By using these presentation capabilities and organizing your model in a logical, hierarchical manner, it can readily be presented and explained at an appropriate level of detail to multiple target audiences.



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