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Creating Dashboards and Player Files

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GoldSim provides a specialized module that allows a GoldSim modeler to design and construct a "dashboard" interface for models. The interfaces can be designed to look like "dashboards" or "control panels", with buttons, gauges, sliders and display panels, and the author can imbed instructions, tool-tips and graphics to provide instructions on the use of the model. Such an interface allows a model to be easily used by someone without requiring them to be familiar with either the GoldSim modeling environment or the details of the specific model:

GoldSim Dashboard

In effect, the Dashboard Authoring Module enables you to use GoldSim as a high-level programming language to create custom simulation applications for distribution to end users who may not necessarily be modelers. Users do not need to have a licensed version of GoldSim to view and run a "dashboarded" model. They simply need to download the free GoldSim Player.



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