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Specialized GoldSim Modules

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Although the standard features incorporated into GoldSim can be used to build powerful and complex models, in some situations, specialized capabilities may be required in order to model some kinds of systems.

As a result, GoldSim is specifically designed to facilitate the incorporation of additional modules (program extensions) to enable the program to address specialized problems. These modules either add new elements with specialized functionality, or new features which augment the way models can be run or viewed.

The existing GoldSim modules are listed below:

  • The Contaminant Transport Module allows you to simulate the transport of contaminants in the environment.
  • The Reliability Module facilitates risk and reliability analysis for complex engineered systems.
  • The Financial Module makes it easy to represent the financial aspects and components of your models and carry out risk analyses for business and financial systems.
  • The Dashboard Authoring Module allows you to design and construct a "dashboard" interface for your models.
  • The Distributed Processing Module allow you to work more efficiently by running GoldSim models on multiple computers across a network.
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