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Moving Beyond Spreadsheets with GoldSim

Although spreadsheets are very useful for accounting tasks and making simple projections, they have weaknesses when used for many quantitative modeling tasks. In particular, spreadsheet models are not transparent, are difficult to explain to others, are prone to errors, and are not well-suited to representing complex dynamics.

GoldSim is a graphical, dynamic simulation program that specifically addresses these limitations and moves beyond spreadsheets, making it easy to build and maintain dynamic models of complex business, engineering, organizational, and scientific systems.

How is GoldSim Superior to Spreadsheet Modeling Environments?

  • GoldSim understands the concept of time, and is graphical, object-oriented and hierarchical. As a result, GoldSim models are more robust and transparent than spreadsheet models, and can more accurately and realistically represent dynamic systems (systems that change over time).
A graphical, object-oriented and hierarchical user interface
  • GoldSim was designed from the outset to efficiently represent uncertain parameters and stochastic processes, providing decision-makers and users alike with intuitive and easy to understand results.
Designed to represent uncertain parameters and stochastic processes
  • GoldSim is dimensionally aware and allows you to use any types of units in your model. GoldSim checks for dimensional consistency and automatically carries out the conversions for you during model construction. With GoldSim, it is impossible to have dimensional inconsistencies and unit errors in your models.
Support for dimensions
  • GoldSim provides you with easy to interpret dashboard-authoring tools to enhance accessibility and ease of use for anyone in your organization. Models created using the GoldSim authoring tools can be saved and subsequently viewed using the free GoldSim Player. The interfaces can be designed to include buttons, input fields, sliders and result displays, and the author can quickly and easily embed text, tool-tips and graphics.
Dashboard for a Municipal Water Treatment Plant

These and other advantages make GoldSim a powerful and flexible improvement over spreadsheets for building complex, quantiative models. In addition, because GoldSim can link seamlessly to spreadsheets, you can still use spreadsheets as databases for inputs and outputs, and even as subroutines for specialized calculations.

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