GoldSim License Portal

Managing Your Licenses Using the GoldSim License Portal

For organizations with multiple licenses (particularly if those licenses are frequently transferred), it can be useful for someone to quickly be able to understand where all the licenses are within the organization. This is facilitated through the GoldSim License Portal.

The GoldSim License Portal allows you to view all the information about all of the GoldSim licenses within your organization via a web interface. In particular, the License Portal allows you to see the properties (e.g., modules, maintenance, expiration) of all the licenses, locate where each license is (i.e., by computer host name), and determine if any licenses are available to be activated (e.g., after being returned by someone to faciliate a transfer).

Typically, one person in an organization will be identified as the License Administrator and will be given access to the portal. This person can then subsequently provide access to others within your organization.

You don't need to access or even be aware of the GoldSim License Portal in order to license and use GoldSim (e.g., organizations with a single license will rarely if ever need to be concerned with it), but it can be quite valuable for organizations managing multiple licenses.

If you already have a GoldSim license, you can learn how to use the GoldSim License Portal here.