GoldSim Applications and Solutions


GoldSim simulation software allows you to create computer models that simulate the performance of complex systems in business, engineering and science. In general, the objective of such models is to simulate the future behavior of the system, and determine what can be done improve its performance. You can use these models to gain a diagnostic understanding of the system, ask "what if" questions about it, and evaluate alternative designs, policies, and plans.

The software is highly graphical and extensible, able to quantitatively represent the uncertainty inherent in all complex systems, and allows you to create compelling models that are easy to communicate and explain to diverse audiences. These and other unique capabilities make GoldSim the ideal decision-support tool to support a wide variety of applications, most of which fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Environmental Systems Modeling

    Utilize GoldSim’s unique environmental modeling capabilities to address issues related to ecological and natural resource management, pollution prevention, hazardous waste management, and environmental restoration.

  • Engineered Systems Modeling

    Build integrated models of complex engineered systems to facilitate reliability and risk analyses, and support conceptual design and/or operations.

  • Business Modeling

    Move beyond spreadsheets and project management software to build business models that realistically represent the complex dependencies and uncertainties associated with your organization. Use GoldSim for strategic planning, risk analysis, portfolio analysis, cost modeling, supply chain modeling and financial engineering.


Making Better Decisions In An Uncertain World