Fall 2021 GoldSim Newsletter

We hope you and your loved ones, friends and colleagues are in good health and have been weathering the pandemic safely. Like many other companies, all of us here at GoldSim have been working remotely since early 2020, and while this has made GoldSim development a bit more difficult, we have not been idle!

GoldSim 14 has been released!

This release includes a number of powerful new features, as well as many reliability improvements, minor corrections and general user-interface enhancements. A summary of the new features and key changes is provided in the GoldSim 14 Summary Document. All the updates are listed in the Release Notes. Models saved in GoldSim 12.1 will be seamlessly upgraded when opened in GoldSim 14. Users with active maintenance (and hence access to GoldSim 14) will receive an email with a new Activation ID and instructions for upgrading to this new version. If you do have access, you are strongly advised to update once you receive the new Activation ID (the process will take only a few minutes). You can download the GoldSim 14 installation file here

Register for the October webinar: Introduction to GoldSim 14.0 to see a demonstration of these new features live. We highly recommend that you attend this webinar to get a jump start on using the new version.

GoldSim Contaminant Transport Module Online Course 

As many of you may know, several years ago, we posted our free online GoldSim Course. This Course has been tremendously popular, with well over 1000 people having already taken the Course. The Course, however, only covers the basic GoldSim framework, and does not discuss any of the specialized modules. Many people have expressed interest in a Course on the Contaminant Transport (CT) Module. Over the last two years (that’s how long it takes!), we have been working on this new Course. We are now very close to completing it and hope to do so by January 2022. You can view an outline of the CT Course here.

Network License Server Update

If you are using a network license, please be advised that Flexera recently updated the FlexNet Publisher License Server (FNPLS or “lmadmin”) to version Please inform your network license administrator to update your network license by following these instructions: Upgrade Network License Server – GoldSim Help Center.

2022 Webinar Schedule

We are currently working on a list of topics to cover in 2022 for our monthly webinars. If you have any modeling topics that you would like to see presented, please let us know. Also, we always welcome guest speakers so tell us if you are interested in collaborating with us or presenting a webinar. Guest webinars are by far our most popular.

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