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We offer free, monthly webinars to present GoldSim features and applications. Upcoming webinars are listed below. If you would like to be placed on our Webinar Mailing List to be reminded every month of the upcoming webinar, contact us.

All webinars are recorded, and these provide an excellent resource for learning about GoldSim features and applications.

Materials and video recordings of past webinars are available on our Webinar Archive Page.

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    Contaminant Transport Modeling in GoldSim

    This webinar introduces GoldSim’s Contaminant Transport (CT) module. The CT Module is an add-on extension to GoldSim that allows you to dynamically model mass transport processes within complex engineered and/or natural environmental systems. 

    A mass transport model is a mathematical representation of an actual system (e.g., the subsurface environment) that can be used to simulate (and hence predict) the release, transport (movement) and ultimate fate of mass within the system. The "mass" that is typically simulated is that of chemical contaminants that have been accidentally released or intentionally disposed of within the system. As a result, such models are often referred to as contaminant transport models.

    This webinar provides you with a brief introduction to help familiarize you with CT's basic functionality with the goal of helping you feel more comfortable as you begin to use it.

    Presented by: Rick Kossik

    Presentation Time:

    29 November 2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT


    If you would like further information about this topic, please contact us via the GoldSim Help Center.

    Future Webinar Schedule

    Below is a listing of our future webinars that are planned for 2018.

    • 20 December: Lake Water Quality
    • 31 January: Simulating Mixed-Media Storage (water and sediment)

    If you have a suggestion for a webinar topic, please contact us.