Contaminant Transport Module

GoldSim RT and GoldSim CT

Which Contaminant Transport Module Version Do I Need?

The Contaminant Transport Module is available in two versions: GoldSim CT and GoldSim RT.

GoldSim RT is an expanded version of the Contaminant Transport Module. GoldSim RT includes all the functionality of GoldSim CT, with added functionality designed to support simulation of the release and transport of radioactive constituents from disposal sites. In particular, GoldSim RT adds the following features:

  • The ability to simulate decay chains (of unlimited length);
  • A specialized element to simulate engineered barriers (e.g., waste packages and other engineered disposal components);
  • A specialized element to automate generation of large cell networks; and
  • A specialized element to facilitate simulation of transport in complex fractured rock networks.
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