Antamina Mine Operations Simulation Model


The purpose of the Antamina Mine Operation Simulation Model is to provide on-site personnel with a predictive tool to quickly assess the potential impacts of operational changes (e.g., changing the ore type or quantity to be processed, or pumping water from the tailings pond) with respect to environmental compliance. Of primary concern are possible water quality or minimum instream flow violations in the river to which water is released from the tailings pond under varying climate conditions.


The model consists of a series of integrated submodels which represent the water balance at the mine site (tailings pond, clean water reservoir, diversion ditches and pumps), the climate conditions (precipitation, runoff, and evaporation), the operational conditions (ore being processed, fresh and recycle water), and the compliance conditions with respect to a variety of regulatory guidelines.

Projected Tailing Pond Elevation vs. Time

To simplify use of the model for site personnel, a customized user interface is provided consisting of a series of "dashboards". These dashboards contain intuitive input fields and buttons that allow the user to easily define the initial conditions (e.g., water levels, concentrations, pump states, ore types), and simulate the projected effects of the mine system over a given period of time. This interface also provides easy access to key results that will be used to make operational decisions. The model will also connect to relational databases at the site to allow real-time information to be used in the simulations.

Antamina Mine Operation Simulation Model User Interface


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