Long-Term Water Infrastructure Planning for the City of Townsville (Queensland, Australia)


The City of Townsville is responsible for ensuring the supply of potable water to its constituents. Due to drought and rapid growth there is a requirement to augment existing water infrastructure to maintain the reliability and security of supply in this region.

Golder Associates was engaged to develop a user-friendly, computer-based planning tool capable of modeling existing and planned infrastructure, as well as operational situations. Golder used GoldSim to construct the model.


The model can be used to:

  • Optimize water supply reliability and security to urban and industrial customers;
  • Estimate the most cost efficient sequencing of new infrastructure over a 50-year period;
  • Account for the effects of climate variability and estimates of the impacts of climate change on reliability and yields of water storages;
  • Provide outputs that can be compared with water management studies undertaken by government agencies and other stakeholder to provide verification of the veracity of the model outputs; and
  • Ensure compatibility with City’s Water Business financial model;

The model was designed so that it can be routinely maintained (annually), thus providing the Water Business with regular updates of their level of service and risk profile.

Long-Term Water Infrastructure Planning


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