Photovoltaic System Reliability


Modeling Photovoltaic System Reliability and Performance Using GoldSim


In this model, a team at Sandia National Laboratories simulated the performance of photovoltaic arrays under “real world” situations by coupling the performance model with a reliability model so that inverters, PV modules, combiner boxes, etc. can experience failures and be repaired (or left unrepaired). The model also simulated other effects, such as PV module output degradation over time or disruptions such as electrical grid outages. The GoldSim Reliability Module was used to probabilistically model the reliability of the PV system components over the lifetime of the system.

Future Work

A future financial model will calculate cash flow based on such inputs as the initial capital cost of the PV system, monthly debt financing payments, O&M costs, failed component repair or replacement costs, and the revenue generated by the theoretical sale of the produced energy.

Additional Reading

Read the complete article and download the GoldSim Player PV-RPM demonstration model.


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