Generating Data Statistics Using a Submodel to Create a Distribution of Time Series Values


This model provides an example of calculating statistics for a time series. The time series could be a deterministic or data time series or could be a single realization time history. In this case, the time series, "Rainfall_TS", is a data time series.

A submodel, "Entire_TS_Statistics" is used in the calculation. The submodel is used to generate a distribution from the values in the time series. The distribution output from the submodel provides the time series statistics. Within the submodel, realizations are used to increment, one entry or one day at a time, through the time series. The distribution is then the distribution of data values from the time series. For this calculation to be accurate, the input time series must contain values for regular time intervals. Each realization in the submodel is used to step one day forward through the time series and extract the precipitation value for this day.


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