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Model Library

Download and Explore Example Models


The GoldSim Model Library contains a large number of models illustrating how to utilize specific features in GoldSim or how GoldSim can be used for particular applications.

These models tend to be more complex and detailed than the simple example files that are distributed with GoldSim. The complexity of these models varies greatly from simple illustrative examples to fairly complex models for specific applications. 

These models provide an excellent way to learn how to use GoldSim by looking at models built by others. As such, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this resource.

The Model Library (which is located in the GoldSim Help Center) consists of two parts:

  • Features: Example models that describe and illustrate various GoldSim functionality and capabilities.
  • Applications: Example models that allow you to see how GoldSim can be used for specific applications.

Note: Models in the Model Library are only available in the latest GoldSim version. Hence, if you do not have active maintenance, you may not have the ability to access these.

If you have a model you would like to share in the Model Library, contact us.