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Live Training Courses

Get Live Training with a GoldSim Expert

The GoldSim Technology Group offers training options for both beginning and experienced GoldSim users. It is strongly recommended that you always begin here:

After completing the Basic Course (and the Contaminant Transport Course if you are interested), there are also additional training opportunities with a live trainer.  There are three options for this:

Custom On-Site Training

On-Site TrainingWe can also provide customized on-site training workshops. We come to a location of your choosing and deliver a training workshop customized for the needs of your users. With multiple attendees, an on-site custom course is likely to save you time and money, and the content will be customized for your users.

Typically, rather than teaching basic GoldSim skills, the on-site training is intended to assist you with either a specific modeling application, or with learning one of the GoldSim extension modules (e.g., the CT Module or the RL Module). If your goal is to simply learn the basics of GoldSim, the online course (discussed above) is the best option (it is free, and covers the material in more detail than can be done in person).

Update: We will be hosting an in-person training workshop on Informed Risk Management: Building Probabilistic Water Management Models using GoldSim September 14th, 2022 as part of the Arizona Hydrological Society's Annual Symposium. Click the link above to register.

The cost for on-site training varies depending on the location (and hence travel time and expense) and duration. Please contact us for a quote.

Note: When you first purchase GoldSim, you have an opportunity to purchase a Quick Start Package. The Quick Start Package provides custom on-site training at a discounted rate.

Web-Based Training

Another training alternative is web-based training.

When you purchase GoldSim, you are entitled to a free one hour, live web-based training session in which one of our analysts provides an interactive training session via the Internet and telephone. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free training.

We can also provide more extensive web-based training as part of an advanced technical support contract.  Note, however, that web-based training is typically only effective for short, focused training sessions (4 hours or less), and is not recommended for longer training workshops (2 or 3 days).

Third-Party Training

GoldSim also maintains relationships with some of our most experienced customers who themselves can provided training. These Certified GoldSim Training Providers provide yet another training alternative.