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GoldSim Documentation


GoldSim takes great pride in our extensive user documentation. This consists of both User's Guides (Manuals) and an extensive context-sensitive Help system. 

GoldSim has a large number of features. To fully utilize GoldSim's powerful features, browse through the manuals using the index and table of contents as your guide. Each section of the manuals is heavily cross-referenced, so it is easy to just jump around. Note that the Help system contains all of the contents of the manuals, with the exception of the technical appendices.


PDF versions of the user manuals are also automatically installed along with the software.

You can also download the latest manuals below.

Download Latest Manuals

Referencing the GoldSim Manuals

To reference the GoldSim documentation, here is the suggested format:

GoldSim Technology Group (2021), GoldSim User's Guide (Version 14.0), https://www.goldsim.com/Web/Customers/Education/Documentation/, October 2021.

Order Manuals

Bound, printed manuals are available for order at Amazon.com for a nominal cost (essentially the printing cost). As a result, this option is likely less expensive than printing and binding the PDF documents yourself. 

Help System

GoldSim comes with an extensive Help system. The Help system is context-sensitive (i.e., the Help button on each dialog opens to the appropriate page), and contains an extensive index and search capabilities. You can also view the Help system directly here.

Online Training Courses

The Manuals (and Help System) are reference documents.  As such, reading them is not necessarily the best way to learn GoldSim.  The best way to do this is to take the free self-paced online Courses.  These are “hands-on” Courses. That is, while you are taking them, you are expected to simultaneously use the software (i.e., with the Course on one side of the screen and GoldSim on the other). Throughout each Course, we use a large number of Exercises and Examples to help you learn how to use the software. Moreover, the Courses are linked throughout to a web-based version of the Help system, so you can immediately dive into reference documentation to explore any topic in more detail.  The Courses can be found here.