The GoldSim Image Library

The GoldSim Image Library is a resource for images that can be used in GoldSim models and model documentation. We provide GoldSim logos in various formats and icons that can be used for GoldSim element symbols in place of the default element symbols. Click one of the links below to browse our logos and icons.

Element Icons


Black and Gold Symbol

Black and Gold Symbol

GoldSim's symbol only in black and gold, saved as a vector graphic in EMF format.

logo, symbol, black, gold, goldsim © 2017 GoldSim Technology Group
White and Gold Symbol

White and Gold Symbol

GoldSim's symbol in white and gold, saved in vector EMF format. This graphic is appropriate for dark backgrounds.

logo, symbol, white and gold © 2017 GoldSim Technology Group
Black and Gold Symbol and Name

Black and Gold Symbol and Name

Black and gold logo with symbol and name in vector EMF format.

logo, gold, black, name, goldsim, vector © 2017 GoldSim Technology Group
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