Welcome to the GoldSim Model Library!


The GoldSim Model Library contains a collection of example models that allow you to see how specific features of GoldSim can be used and/or how GoldSim can be used for specific applications.

Models within the Model Library are organized into three main sections:

Each of these sections contains multiple subcategories.

Finding Models in the GoldSim Model Library

The eaisest way to find models in the Model Library is by using the navigation panel on the left side of the page. This will allow you to "drill down" within specific sections of the Library. Each section is subdivided into a list of categories. Each model in the Library is assigned to one or more categories. When you select a category in the navigation panel, a list of all the models assigned to that category will be displayed.

When viewing a list of models in a particular category, if necessary, you can filter the list by entering keywords or phrases into the search field provided on every category page. (You can search the entire Model Library using the search field at the bottom of this page.)

Contributing Models to the GoldSim Model Library

We strongly encourage you to contribute to the Model Library. If you have a model that you would like to add to the Library with attribution to you and/or your organization, please contact us.


All models in the Model Library are provided “as is” to demonstrate modeling concepts in the GoldSim framework. Modeling resources provided herein have not necessarily been tested under every condition and application. You should not incorporate models from the Library into your work until you fully understand the logic, assumptions, and limitations.

Search the Model Library:


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