Cost Modeling & Project Planning


Models Illustrating the Use of GoldSim for Cost Modeling & Project Planning Applications

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  • Comparing Alternatives

    Comparison of two alternative technologies accounting for uncertainty and using Scenarios

  • Marketing Program Pick

    Three different types of promotional campaigns are compared across a 180 day campaign period.

  • Project Simulator

    This model illustrate how conditional containers can be used to simulate projects.

  • Staff Forecast Model

    This model simulates employee supply for a company with complex and lengthy training requirements.

  • FDA Approval Process

    This model simulates the process of obtaining FDA approval for a new drug.

  • eLearning Project

    This model simulates 3 tasks within a project and the associated cost to complete it using conditional containers.

  • What-If Simulation Case Study

    Simple ECommerce, decision-making case study using GoldSim "what-if" simulation

  • Pilot Plant Example

    Economic analysis of production expansion stratagies including uncertainty

  • Allocator Element Priorities

    Example model providing demonstration of two different priority implementations in an allocator element

  • Simple Financial Model

    This model provides a simple financial simulation of a company.


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