Ecology and Human Health


Models Illustrating the Use of GoldSim for Ecology and Human Health Applications

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  • Population Dynamics and Chaos

    This model illustrates perhaps the most famous example of chaotic behavior: that exhibited by the ┬┤logistic difference┬┤ equation to describe the growth of a population subject to a carrying capacity.

  • Predator-Prey Models

    This example implements several predator-prey models taken from "Modeling the Environment" by Andrew Ford.

  • Salmon Life Cycle

    This is a simple model that simulates the life cycle of a salmon population as it migrates from the stream, to the ocean, and back to the stream. Although the data and model structure are fictional, it does provide a simple example of how such a model could be constructed.

  • Acute Infection Model

    These two models (continuous and discrete) simulate the spread of an acute infection through a population

  • Simulating a Water Conservation Program

    Simulate the feedback loop between water sales revenues and funding a conservation program.


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