Economic & Policy Analysis


Models Illustrating the Use of GoldSim for Economic & Policy Analysis Applications

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  • Simulating a Water Conservation Program

    Simulate the feedback loop between water sales revenues and funding a conservation program.

  • Comparing Alternatives

    Comparison of two alternative technologies accounting for uncertainty and using Scenarios

  • Pilot Plant Example

    Economic analysis of production expansion stratagies including uncertainty

  • Highway Access Management

    Package of models that allows the user to adjust highway access control measures and view the effect of these measures

  • Population Growth Aging Chain

    Example model illustrating population dynamics modeling with Discrete Change elements and Integrator arrays

  • Polya Urn Problem

    This simple model simulates the classic Polya urn problem in which stones, either black or white, are randomly selected (with replacement and addition) from a pot.

  • Adoption and Diffusion of Technology

    A logistic growth curve model is employed to simulate the adoption and diffusion of a new idea or technology

  • Municipal Water Demand

    Forecast water demand for multiple entities based on assumed starting conditions and projected rates of change such as population, water prices, and seasonal use adjustments.

  • Marketing Program Pick

    Three different types of promotional campaigns are compared across a 180 day campaign period.

  • Dashboard-Controlled Currencies

    This model demonstrates how a user of a dashboard can control currency exchange rates and select which currency to use in a model.

  • Aging Chain

    Simulate an aging chain using various methods to keep track of the age structure of a stock of material or items.

  • Staff Forecast Model

    This model simulates employee supply for a company with complex and lengthy training requirements.

  • Population Model Objects

    This example illustrates an efficient way (using cloned containers) to model multiple objects of the same type without having to manually reimplement identical model logic.

  • Rio Chama Flow Alternatives

    This model incorporates the Scenario Manager to assist with stakeholder evaluations of environmental flow alternatives.


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