Financial Modeling


Models Illustrating the Use of GoldSim for Financial Modeling Applications

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  • Computing Warranty Costs

    This model illustrates how to use the Convolution element to compute cumulative warranty costs.

  • Gauss-Newton Trend Line Fitting

    This model illustrates how to fit a trend line to data using the Gauss-Newton method.

  • Ito-Process Random Walk Model

    A History Generator Element is used to model an Ito-process random walk. The distribution of the future value is lognormal with mean and variance that both increase linearly with time.

  • Comparing Alternatives

    Comparison of two alternative technologies accounting for uncertainty and using Scenarios

  • Pilot Plant Example

    Economic analysis of production expansion stratagies including uncertainty

  • College Planner

    Simulate the growth of a money market fund plus savings account that represents a college fund. What is the chance of saving enough for your child?

  • Probability of Buying a Bike

    Tutorial model that calculates the probability that Jason can buy a bike given his income and spending

  • Depreciation Methods

    Calculation and comparison of three different depreciation methods

  • Mortgage Calculator

    This simple model can be used to calculate the monthly payment of a fixed-rate mortgage.

  • Dashboard-Controlled Currencies

    This model demonstrates how a user of a dashboard can control currency exchange rates and select which currency to use in a model.

  • Pricing European Options

    This model prices the value of European (fixed exercise date) call and put options for a stock.

  • Withdrawing From a Retirement Account

    Calculate the number of years you can withdraw money from a retirement account with interest and inflation


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