Models Illustrating the Use of GoldSim for Hydraulics Applications

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  • Adjustable Outlet Structure Discharge

    The purpose of this model is to demonstrate how GoldSim can calculate hydraulic functions dynamically.

  • Fluid Flow in a Countercurrent Pipe Network

    This model demonstrates how GoldSim can be used to model fluid flow in a counter-current flow network.

  • Fluid Flow in a Parallel Flow Pipe Network

    This model demonstrates how GoldSim can be used to model fluid flow in a parallel flow network

  • Pumping Head Problem

    A script element is used to solve for pumping flow as a function of the total dynamic head on the pump due to headloss.

  • Trapezoidal Stormwater Drain Design

    This model allows design of stormwater drainage channels used to convey design flood discharges associated with storm runoff from the catchment.

  • Hydrodynamic Force on a Pipe Bend

    Calculate the headloss through this pipe bend and the hydrodynamic force on the pipe

  • Rectangular Sharp-Crested Weir

    Calculate flow rate over a sharp-crested rectangular weir and check for proper sizing

  • Normal Depth in an Open Channel

    This static GoldSim model calculates the normal depth in an open channel assuming uniform flow conditions.

  • Detention Pond With Orifice Outlet

    Simulates the inflow and outflow from a pond that controls discharge using a simple orifice in a riser outlet works

  • Parallel Pumps

    This model shows how reliability elements can be used to model throughput in an oil pumping facility. Pumps are turned on and off as the desired flow rate changes and pumps fail and are repaired.

  • Reservoir with Operating Pools

    Operating rules control outflows from a reservoir that contains operating zones divided into surcharge, flood control, conservation, and dead pool zones.

  • Dam Breach Hydrograph

    Simulate the breach in a dam as it grows through time and the resulting discharge hydrograph

  • Flow Between Two Reservoirs

    This simple example simulates the flow between and the levels of a two-tank system using Bernoulli's theorem.

  • Simple Reservoir Operations

    This model illustrates how several methods for calculating a reservoir discharge can be combined into a single model. The methods includes calculations based on fluid physics, lookup tables and volumetrically under low-level conditions.

  • Reservoir Spillway

    Example model illustrating a weir flow calculation for spillway outflow which is limited by available volume for use with long time steps

  • Simulating Failure Risk of a Pump Station

    Use the Reliability Module of GoldSim to calculate the failure modes of various components of a pumping station and water delivery system.


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