Hydrodynamic Force on a Pipe Bend


Calculate Hydrodynamic Force on a Pipe Bend


A 90⁰ horizontal reducing elbow carries a flow moving from the left into the bend at a user-defined flow rate (default = 12 cfs). The pipe diameter changes from one end of the bend to the other based on user input (default is to reduce from 24 inches to 12 inches). Corresponding fluid pressures are also user defined as shown (default 60 - 58 psi). This is a static model and you only need to change inputs to see the results.
Calculate the headloss through this pipe bend and the hydrodynamic force on the pipe.

This example problem is based on Problem Example 2-2 of "Applied Hydraulics in Engineering" by Henry M. Morris and James M. Wiggert, 2nd Ed., 1972.


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