Automotive Supply Chain Demonstration Simulator


This is a demonstration model of an automobile supply chain. It represents two links in the chain: the OEM and a major tier 1 supplier (in this case, power trains).

This model is intended to illustrate the kind of supply chain models that can be built in GoldSim, and how they might be used. This "dashboard" can be used to modify inputs to the model and run it (i.e., play "what if" games) without being familiar with the details of the model. Only a few of the model's inputs can be edited from this interface. Conceptually, however, all of the inputs could be made available for editing.

In this simple Delivery Management model, it is assumed that number of delivery trucks (and hence the shipping capacity) is fixed. In a more realistic model, for example, the number of delivery trucks would ramp up and ramp down according the the backlog. The powertrain demand forecasting method is assumed to be based on simple exponential smoothing.


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