Monthly and Annual Summaries


Calculating monthly and annual summaries from a scalar daily signal


In this example, a scalar input signal is integrated over a period of 5 years to generate monthly sums. The results are stored in a matrix ('monthly_annual_matrix') in which the rows correspond to years and the columns correspond to months. In this format, it is a simple matter to calculate statistics on the rows or columns using GoldSim's built-in array functions such as meanr(), meanc(), sumr(), sumc(), etc. For example, see results for 'monthly_average' and 'annual_sums'.

The model can be run on either a calendar time basis or a duration (elapsed time) basis and the results are the same. After running the model, view results in the three Array View elements. 'Monthly Annual Chart' shows results for the full monthly/annual sum matrix. 'Monthly Averages Chart' shows averages for each month and 'Annual Sums Chart' shows the summed results for each year.


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