Basic Function Elements


Models Illustrating the Use of Basic Function Elements

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  • Matrix / Vector Conversions

    This model illustrates how to load values from a matrix into a vector and from a vector into a matrix. This can be done using GoldSim's vector and matrix constructors.

  • Yearly Minimum and Maximum

    Demonstration of how an Extrema can be used to track year-to-date and annual values

  • Espresso Machine Purchase Decision

    This example model makes use of logical elements (AND, OR and NOT) to evaluate whether or not key criteria are met to justify the purchase of an espresso machine.

  • Population Model Objects

    This example illustrates an efficient way (using cloned containers) to model multiple objects of the same type without having to manually reimplement identical model logic.

  • Moving Averages

    This model illustrates how an Integrator can be used to calculate moving averages.

  • Competing Demands on a Reservoir

    This simple model shows one method for allocating competing demands on a Reservoir.

  • Allocator Element Priorities

    Example model providing demonstration of two different priority implementations in an allocator element

  • Simple Stream Diversion Model

    This model demonstrates a simple continuous stream diversion and and a diversion operating for a fixed amount of time each week.


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