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  • Add Scalar to Vector

    This model demonstrates how you can take a scalar value and add it to one of the items of a vector using an Expression. It includes an illustrative Dashboard.

  • Random Sequence Generation

    This model addresses the need to randomly order a given number of indexed items

  • Rank Data Vector

    Take any vector of values and rank them according to their respective value from highest to lowest or the opposite.

  • Yearly Minimum and Maximum

    Demonstration of how an Extrema can be used to track year-to-date and annual values

  • Moving Discrete Items

    This simple model illustrates how to move discrete items from one state to another.

  • Day, Month, Year from Date

    A Script element is used to calculate various components from a date or datetime output, like Year, Month, Day, Minute, Second

  • Polynomial Root Finder

    This model compares the bisection and secant methods for finding roots of 2nd order polynomials (i.e. of the form C1*x^2 + C2*x + C3).

  • Spline Interpolation

    This model implements a spline interpolation method to generate smoothly-varying dependent variable values from a 1-D Lookup Table.

  • Mass Balance Check

    Check that inflows, outflows, and changes in storage within your flow model balance.

  • On - Off Reservoir Discharge

    This model demonstrates the use of a Status element to control discharges from a reservoir.


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