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Models Illustrating the Use of Containers and SubModels

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  • Random Sequence Generation

    This model addresses the need to randomly order a given number of indexed items

  • Population Model Objects

    This example illustrates an efficient way (using cloned containers) to model multiple objects of the same type without having to manually reimplement identical model logic.

  • Mastermind in GoldSim

    This model shows an implementation of the classic game Mastermind

  • Gauss-Newton Trend Line Fitting

    This model illustrates how to fit a trend line to data using the Gauss-Newton method.

  • Pre-Processing Time Series Data

    Uses SubModels to pre-process (and plot) historic time series data

  • Time Series Analysis

    This model provides an example of calculating statistics for a data time series.

  • Time History Statistics

    This model provides examples of two different methods which can be used to generate statistics for time histories.

  • Scatterplot

    This model plots paired data for equivalent time intervals on the same scatterplot.

  • Probability Mass Function (PMF)

    This model creates a histogram from time series values and uses it to create a PMF of the data.

  • Time Series Data Preprocessing

    In this example, a SubModel is used to calculate average monthly rainfall amounts from a Time Series element containing rainfall rate data

  • Polynomial Root Finder

    This model compares the bisection and secant methods for finding roots of 2nd order polynomials (i.e. of the form C1*x^2 + C2*x + C3).

  • Project Simulator

    This model illustrate how conditional containers can be used to simulate projects.

  • FDA Approval Process

    This model simulates the process of obtaining FDA approval for a new drug.

  • Markov Process Rainfall Model

    This model simulates a Markov process that randomly switches between a wet state and a dry state to simulate rainfall given some key historic statistics.

  • Multiple Catchment Runoff

    Watershed runoff is calculated for three catchments using the same function but different inputs

  • Probabilistic Detention Pond Model

    This model presents a pond discharge versus pond capacity optimization problem.

  • Rainfall Generator Calibration

    Using the GoldSim optimization module, a rainfall generator is calibrated using historical data

  • Diving Bell

    Simulation of a diving bell released at a specified depth and moving towards the surface where it emerges above the water

  • Grinding Mill Circuit

    This reliability model illustrates a typical closed circuit grinding mill circuit, used in many mine processing plants.

  • Dam Breach Risk

    Monte Carlo Simulation of the Dam Breach algorithm to calculate risk of failure

  • Annual Demand Forecast Submodel

    This model uses a submodel to estimate a possible shortfall for the coming year in order to set a supply curtailment if needed.


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