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  • Add Scalar to Vector

    This model demonstrates how you can take a scalar value and add it to one of the items of a vector using an Expression. It includes an illustrative Dashboard.

  • Check Boxes in a Dashboard

    This model illustrates how you can add Select All and Select None functionality to check boxes in a GoldSim Dashboard.

  • Dashboard-Defined Distributions

    The purpose of this model is to allow an arbitrary cumulative or discrete distribution to be specified by entering values and probabilities in a Dashboard.

  • Mastermind in GoldSim

    This model shows an implementation of the classic game Mastermind

  • Update Status in Edit Mode

    While in Edit mode, use dashboard controls to update expressions that change the status of dashboard result displays

  • Gauss-Newton Trend Line Fitting

    This model illustrates how to fit a trend line to data using the Gauss-Newton method.

  • Risk Board Game

    These two models simulate different aspects of the classic board game Risk.

  • Using Scenarios

    This simple model is used to illustrate how to use GoldSim's scenario capabilities, including how to create, edit and run scenarios.

  • Scenarios and the Dashboard

    Model used to demonstrate how a dashboard is used to define and evaluate multiple scenarios

  • Mono Lake Water Balance

    Water balance model illustrating a negative feedback loop and of the use of scenarios with a dashboard

  • Project Simulator

    This model illustrate how conditional containers can be used to simulate projects.

  • Acute Infection Model

    These two models (continuous and discrete) simulate the spread of an acute infection through a population

  • Water Supply Trade-Off Analysis

    Use GoldSim's scenarios functionality to create a decision support framework for your next project.

  • Dashboard-Controlled Currencies

    This model demonstrates how a user of a dashboard can control currency exchange rates and select which currency to use in a model.

  • Adjustable Outlet Structure Discharge

    The purpose of this model is to demonstrate how GoldSim can calculate hydraulic functions dynamically.

  • Normal Depth in an Open Channel

    This static GoldSim model calculates the normal depth in an open channel assuming uniform flow conditions.

  • WGEN Weather Generation Model

    Use Markov process to simulate stochastic precipitation events based on a wet state and dry state.

  • Grinding Mill Circuit

    This reliability model illustrates a typical closed circuit grinding mill circuit, used in many mine processing plants.

  • Reservoir with Operating Pools

    Operating rules control outflows from a reservoir that contains operating zones divided into surcharge, flood control, conservation, and dead pool zones.

  • Simple Reservoir Operations

    This model illustrates how several methods for calculating a reservoir discharge can be combined into a single model. The methods includes calculations based on fluid physics, lookup tables and volumetrically under low-level conditions.

  • One-Armed Bandit Model

    This model simulates a slot machine with 3 reels each having 5 images that wins money if you end up with 3 in a row.

  • Municipal Water Demand

    Forecast water demand for multiple entities based on assumed starting conditions and projected rates of change such as population, water prices, and seasonal use adjustments.


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