Options to Allow and View Unscheduled Time Steps


This model demonstrates how different Simulation Settings affect the plotted time history results for a simple pond overflow model. The main purpose is to compare the differences between spreadsheet-type models and GoldSim with its various settings. The figure on the top left is how the spreadsheet reports its values (with the flow rates representing average values over a step). The figure on the upper right represents the default manner in which GoldSim displays results at each scheduled time step. Note that flow rates represent instantaneous values. The figure on the lower left is how GoldSim displays the results if outputs at unscheduled time steps are being shown (again, flow rates represent instantaneous values). Finally, the chart on the lower right is how GoldSim displays outputs if you choose not to allow GoldSim to insert unscheduled time steps at all. In this final case, the flow rates do not change over a timestep, and hence can be thought of as average values (as is the case for the spreadsheet).


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