Fractional Aircraft Ownership


Using Model Resources to Represent Airplanes in a Fractional Ownership Model


This model contains a representation of a fractional aircraft ownership group. Resources are used to model the use of the owned airplanes, and it is assumed that a substitute aircraft is chartered immediately if an owned airplane is not available for a requested trip.

The ability to create and interact with Resources is one of the advanced features in GoldSim. A Resource is defined as something that has a limited supply (e.g., spare parts, fuel, skilled personnel, money) and is required in order for other elements of the modelled system to carry out certain actions. Resources in the model can be examined using the Resources Manager (Model | Resources or F8).

The model consists of containers representing each fractional owner. These containers track usage by each owner, and model trip requests and itineraries. Within each owner container, a cloned container is used (cloned to each owner) to complete the trip calculations so that identical trip request and usage calculations are done for each owner (using the owner's particular fractional ownership as the only difference in the calculation). In this manner, the trip request and usage calculations can be modified in one place and GoldSim will update the calculation for all owners.

The model is run for one year (365 days) and 500 realizations. Statistics on aircraft utilization and substitute aircraft use are tracked in the main level of the model (using Result Distribution elements).


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