Running a Model & Viewing Results


Models Illustrating How to Run a Model and View Results

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  • Annual Reporting Summaries

    This model shows how scalar and vector daily signals can be integrated to obtain annual sums stored in a vector or matrix format.

  • Monthly Reporting Summaries

    This model shows how a vector daily signal can be integrated to obtain monthly sums stored in a matrix format.

  • Yearly Minimum and Maximum

    Demonstration of how an Extrema can be used to track year-to-date and annual values

  • Unscheduled Time Steps

    This model demonstrates how different Simulation Settings affect the plotted time history results for a simple pond overflow model.

  • Running GoldSim from a Batch File

    This example illustrates how to use a batch file to run GoldSim. It consists of a zip file containing a GoldSim file and a .bat file.

  • Using Scenarios

    This simple model is used to illustrate how to use GoldSim's scenario capabilities, including how to create, edit and run scenarios.

  • Reservoir Reporting Periods

    The purpose of this model is to demonstrate the use of Reporting Periods in GoldSim.

  • Scenarios and the Dashboard

    Model used to demonstrate how a dashboard is used to define and evaluate multiple scenarios

  • Export Statistical Histories to Excel

    For a Monte Carlo simulation, export statistical histories to Excel

  • Mono Lake Water Balance

    Water balance model illustrating a negative feedback loop and of the use of scenarios with a dashboard

  • Time Series Analysis

    This model provides an example of calculating statistics for a data time series.

  • Time History Statistics

    This model provides examples of two different methods which can be used to generate statistics for time histories.

  • Scatterplot

    This model plots paired data for equivalent time intervals on the same scatterplot.

  • Probability Mass Function (PMF)

    This model creates a histogram from time series values and uses it to create a PMF of the data.

  • Comparing Alternatives

    Comparison of two alternative technologies accounting for uncertainty and using Scenarios

  • Water Supply Trade-Off Analysis

    Use GoldSim's scenarios functionality to create a decision support framework for your next project.

  • Rio Chama Flow Alternatives

    This model incorporates the Scenario Manager to assist with stakeholder evaluations of environmental flow alternatives.


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