Dove, Hawk, Law-Abider Populations


Modeling the System Dynamics of Populations of Doves, Hawks and Law-Abiders


This is a model of the population dynamics of three groups adopting dove, hawk and law-abider strategies. The model is taken from Chapter 3 of Simulation for the Social Scientist, by Gilbert and Troitzsch.

A vector integrator element ('Proportions') represents the proportions of the population adopting each of the three strategies, Dove (D), Hawk (H) and Law-Abider (L). A matrix data element 'PayoffMatrix' contains payoffs for interactions between the three strategies. A fitness score (element 'Fitness') is calculated by matrix multiplication of the payoff matrix and the proportions vector. A mean fitness (element 'MeanFitness') of the whole population is calculated as the sum of the individual fitness scores of the population weighted by the respective population proportions. Rates of changes (element 'RatesOfChange') are calculated based on current proportions of the three groups, the fitness scores of each group and the overall mean fitness.


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