Pressure, Productivity and Quality


Simulating the Dynamics of a Simple Feedback Loop System: Work, Pressure, Productivity and Quality


This model illustrates the dynamics of feedback loops in a system. The amount of remaining work, time pressure, productivity and fatigue come into play and influence each other until the work is completed.

The simulation, layout, and relationships in the model are roughtly based on Sterman (2000) (i.e. see Figure 5-9, p. 149). Pressure, Fatigue, and Quality are represented with a dimensionless scale (1 being least and 10 being most). The total simulation time is 15 days and the model runs for 100 realizations. Deadline (the time to the deadline) and the number of tasks required prior to the deadline)are sampled once at the beginning of reach Monte Carlo simulation. The primary results are the evolution of Pressure, Fatigue, Quality, and Productivity across the 15 day simulation time frame.


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