Importing Lookup Table Data from Text and Excel Files


This model contains text file and Excel file import examples for 1D, 2D and 3D Lookup Tables. Double-click any of the hyperlinks in the model to open text or Excel files from which data are imported. Do this to see the required format of the data. Data can be imported in Edit mode by opening the Lookup table properties, going to the 'Text File' or 'Excel' tab and pressing the 'Import Data' button. Data are also automatically imported at the start of a simulation run.

The model runs 2 realizations for 5 days with a 1-day timestep. Expression elements are used to reference Lookup Table data. Data are referenced by ETime for the row independent variable, vector row number for the column independent variable (note that Expression Elements referencing 2D and 3D Lookup tables are vectors) and realization number for the layer independent variable (for 3D Lookup tables).

When using time series data, it is typically better to use a Time Series Element. However, if the time series data need to be imported from a text file, this must be done with a Lookup Table since the Time Series Element does not support text file import.


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