Learning to Use GoldSim


What's the Best Way to Learn How to Use GoldSim?

Although GoldSim’s intuitive interface will tempt you to simply dive in and start playing with the software, you are strongly discouraged from doing so, even if you are an experienced modeler. Spending time up front (by following the steps outlined below) is the quickest and most effective way to understand the software’s features and capabilities and start building models in GoldSim.

1. Take the GoldSim Tutorial

The GoldSim Tutorial is available via the Tutorial button on the Start dialog (displayed whenever GoldSim is run), or by selecting Help | Tutorial from the main GoldSim menu. The GoldSim Tutorial presents the basic concepts on which GoldSim is based and provides an overview of GoldSim’s key features and capabilities. After taking the Tutorial (which takes about 2 hours), you will have sufficient understanding to start using the software, and will get more out of the information presented in the Help topics.

2. Request your free one hour web-based training session.

If you have already purchased GoldSim (or if you are evaluating GoldSim in order to determine if you want to purchase the software), you are entitled to a free one hour, live web-based training session in which one of our analysts provides an interactive training session via the Internet and telephone. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free training. (Note, however, that we cannot provide this training to users who have free Academic licenses).

3. Take the free, self-paced online GoldSim Training Course

This "hands-on", self-paced course includes nearly sixty exercises and examples, and provides you with a thorough understanding of the key concepts on which GoldSim is based. As such, it provides the fundamentals required to build complex models of nearly any kind of system. When an introductory GoldSim course is taught in person, it typically requires two (intensive) days (16 hours). However, this course actually covers the material in significantly greater detail, so it will likely take up to three or four days to complete. The course is organized into Units and Lessons, so you can easily take the course at your own pace (and if you register, the site will remember where you left off).

4. Open and explore the Example Files

When you install GoldSim, a folder labeled "General Examples" is installed in the same directory as the program. (You can quickly access these files by selecting File|Open Example… from the main GoldSim menu). This directory contains example model files showing how to use each of the elements (the examples are referenced in the Help system and User’s Guide where the element is introduced). These example model files are an excellent way to begin to experiment with GoldSim. While exploring the files, use GoldSim’s context-sensitive Help (i.e., the Help button in each dialog) to access a detailed discussion of the element.

5. Download Example Files from the Model Library

The GoldSim Library contains a model library with a number of models illustrating how GoldSim can be used for particular applications. These models tend to be more complex than the simple example files found in the General Examples folder, but still relatively simple. Again, while exploring the files, use GoldSim’s context-sensitive Help (i.e., the Help button in each dialog) to learn more about particular elements or features utilized in the model.

6. Browse the User’s Guide or Help System

GoldSim has a large number of features, and you will not discover all of them by experimenting with simple example models. To fully utilize GoldSim’s powerful features, browse through the User’s Guide (available as a PDF file), using the index and table of contents as your guide. Each section of the User’s Guide is heavily cross-referenced, so it is easy to just jump around. Note that the Help system contains all of the contents of the User’s Guide, with the exception of the technical appendices.

7. Contact us with questions

When you purchase GoldSim, you are entitled to 1 year of free support (GoldSim Help Center). This does not include assistance in building and debugging your models, but it does include answering questions on how to use GoldSim’s features, so feel free to contact us!

8. Attend a training workshop

The GoldSim Technology Group puts on 2 and 3 day training workshops on the use of GoldSim. This is an excellent way to quickly become an effective GoldSim modeler. To view more information on our website regarding training workshops, click here


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