Certified Training Providers


GoldSim Certified Training Providers

GoldSim Certified Training Providers are specific individuals within GoldSim Certified Solution Provider organizations who can also provide training services on how to use GoldSim.

The following individuals currently provide these services:


Barry Carlson (Forte Dynamics)

Barry  is the President and Senior Engineer for Forte Dynamics, Inc. with over 28 years of experience in the mining and consulting industry. He has used GoldSim in the development of various numeric simulation models for understanding various stages of the mining process. He has utilized GoldSim primarily for the development of site-wide water balances, developing crushing and heap leach loading and stacking plans, evaluating hydrodynamics and kinetics with heap leach systems, financial evaluation of project feasibility, and site risk analysis.


Ted Eary (Enchemica)

Ted is a geochemist with over 25 years of experience in the development and use of numerical simulation models to understand complex dynamic systems. He has relied on GoldSim as his primary simulation framework for about the last 7 years, primarily for the mining and environmental industries in areas such as: site wide water balance, pit lake hydrochemistry, contaminant transport, and financial evaluation of project feasibility. He has provided GoldSim training at the basic to advanced levels to various technical groups.


Alan Keizur (Golder Associates)

Alan is a Principal and Senior Consultant with Golder Associates specializing in risk and uncertainty analysis of complex natural and engineered systems and infrastructure projects. He is a Civil Engineer with over 18 years experience and has successfully completed projects in a variety of industries, including transportation, water resources, mining, environmental restoration, and waste management. He is a Professional Engineer in the State of Washington. Alan became actively involved in the application and development of GoldSim and precursor codes beginning in 1994 and was a member of the GoldSim Development Group prior to the founding of GTG in 2004.


Alyssa Neir (Golder Associates)

Alyssa is a Senior Project Environmental Planner with Golder Associates specializing in water resources management and environmental planning. She has over 8 years of experience in water resources management and has developed GoldSim models to support decision-making in the water resources, mining, and oil and gas industries.


John Tauxe (Neptune and Company)

Dr. Tauxe has been a GoldSim programmer and user since its inception, having started on its predecessor, RIP. As a practitioner of environmental and water resources engineering, John has applied GoldSim to problems in environmental transport, water resources, epidemiology, and decision making.


Charlie Voss (Golder Associates)

Charlie is senior Principal in Golder Associates with more than 30 years of experience in risk and decision analysis. He specializes in the development of system models of large complex projects to gain insight into the potential problems and issues that may compromise the desired outcome and develop and test approaches to overcome them. He has developed GoldSim simulation models for national, and international mining, civil infrastructure, natural resource, waste management, and environmental engineering projects for both industrial and government clients. He was a member of the GoldSim Development Team prior to the spin-off of GTG from Golder Associates in 2004.


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