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What Kinds of Problems Can GoldSim Solve?


GoldSim has been used for a wide range of diverse applications, ranging from simulating long-term strategic plans for manufacturing firms to modeling complex water resource systems, to evaluating the risks associated with space missions. Most GoldSim applications fall into one of three categories: 1) environmental systems modeling; 2) engineered systems modeling; and 3) business and economic modeling.

The following Example Applications pages provide a number of short descriptions of GoldSim applications to give you an idea of the kinds of problems it can be used to solve:

Example Applications

To get a more in-depth look at some GoldSim applications, you can follow the links below to see some of our customers' technical papers, abstracts, conference presentations and articles where GoldSim is discussed:

Technical Papers

Finally, you can also view some case studies and white papers that the GoldSim Technology Group has developed to describe various GoldSim applications:

Case Studies and White Papers


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